A Piece Of Your Mind is the upcoming romantic drama of tvn

The main news :  TVN presented its upcoming A Piece Of Your Mind romantic drama on March 23 and translation into English will be available on the same day .

the details : A Piece Of Your Mind It is a romantic drama that combines Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin and will play the role of two unfinished halves (unilateral love) in this work, which was revealed through two posters that were officially announced.

The first poster shows Jung Hae In who plays Ha Won in the drama and is a good-hearted artificial intelligence programmer who has spent years of love unilaterally but he surrendered at the end and the poster that he announced and carried his picture wrote on it “I only need half of half of your heart to be happy. ”

The second poster shows Chae Soo Bin who plays Han Seo Woo in the drama and is an optimistic classic phoneme architect who finds herself drawn to watching Ha Won, and the poster he advertises and uploads his picture says: “I really like watching that person. But I don’t want him to know… ”

And we notice that the two posters complement each other completely, which leads us to ask about to wonder how the two letters convert to each other once their story intertwines.

4kpop.com hopes that you will enjoy this drama, which is clearly wonderful at first sight, and the heroes of this drama Jung Hae In And Chae Soo Bin in A Piece Of Your Mind seem very suitable for the roles as a preliminary view.


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