BTS is the only idol band still standing according to internet users !

BTS is the only idol band still standing according to internet users

Internet pioneers interact with the fact that BTS is the ultimate idol that has been standing and standing since 2013 until now.

Whereas, the most recent popular forums recently indicated through many posts that were published on it that the BTS Idol group remained coherent without witnessing the separation of its members from the band since 2013.

According to one of the publications that received tremendous comments and interactions and a lot of impressions, the only two groups that appeared alongside BTS for the first time in 2013 are Topp Dogg and Ladies Code, but nevertheless Topp Dogg has since changed their name to Xeno-T and undergone multiple member changes while Ladies Code's future is up in the air after their departure from Polaris Entertainment.

Thus, we conclude a set of facts, the most important of which is that the idol group BTS is still active and its members have been united together since 2013.

Some netizens' comments:
  • Goosebumps. That's the reality of promoting as an idol I guess.
  • Only goes to prove how amazing BTS is.
  • I think 'Surviving' is the word that you would describe the entertainment industry. Back when BTS debuted, 'survived' was in the headlines of their articles and they had comments poking fun at them. However, they did just survive, they killed. 
  • There were so many groups that came out during 2013. It's sad that none of them survived.

Looking at the high popularity of the BTS Idol group, we note that this South Korean band has not only had years of continuous activity and production, but rather seems to be continuing the career path for a long time.

     We conclude from the above :

    • BTS is a famous Korean idol group
    • It started in 2013 and is still until now
    • Its production and offers continue to this day
    • A new topic appeared this week on the major forums stating that BTS is the only group that has continued since 2013 and with all its members 
    • This goes to show how tough it is in the Korean music landscape
          Family wishes BTS to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career .


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