BTS's ON music video sweeps YouTube and sets record!

BTS's ON music video sweeps YouTube and sets record 

New BTS song set record in 1 hour views.

In the details, immediately after publishing the new music video for BTS entitled ON on YouTube from the album entitled Map Of The Soul: 7 he obtained a huge number of views by ten million views in just one hour to become the trend and this huge number of views is constantly increasing instead of decreasing Baltali, BTS has made impressive new achievements, outperforming previous ones, the last of which was "Boy With Luv", which achieved ten million views in the first few hours, a record for peak viewers.
The music video for BTS band was not satisfied with this only, but also achieved another achievement, which is a million and a half simultaneous viewers at the same time, in the peak presentation to break the last record they achieved, which is half a million viewers simultaneously. In addition, BTS's ON broke the record achieved by BLACKPINK's band with the lyric video. Of her so-called "Kill This Love" which had reached nearly a million simultaneous prime-time views during the premiere.

We conclude from the above:

  1. The music video for BTS's ON was released on YouTube
  2. It achieved 10 million views in just one hour
  3. Achieved one and a half million simultaneous views during the first hour of video release
  4. Video stats exceed songs stats for very famous bands including BLACKPINK and others.
  5. In the end, the video became in the global trend and set records
Family wishes BTS  to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career and We bless our heart for the BTS band for these records achieved in the song ON, and it was accomplished in every sense of the word for a group of boys more than wonderful and in the end we say to them: You are amazing


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