Cheska FIESTAR felt suicidal due to a bondage contract she signed!

Cheska FIESTAR felt suicidal due to a bondage contract she signed

Cheska, a former FIESTAR member, announced that she had signed a bondage bond that ruined her life in the world of kpop

in details, the former member of FIESTAR revealed during the Twitch stream AMA game that when she first appeared in 2012, the girl group left after only two years and it seemed that she was not happy with her presence with the rest of the FIESTAR team during her two years of stay with them, and she was also announced during the program The live TV showed that she lacked friends and had a tendency to commit suicide and there was no transparency among the members of the group and when she signed a seven-year contract and her lack of friends (although all idols have a large number of friends) which led to her not wanting to make her first appearance with FIESTAR but she was forced Accordingly, according to the contract Site with it.

Cheska continued her speech saying that she wanted to leave the girls' group from the beginning, but she could not, because of the terms of the signed contract, which lasted 7 years, and finally decided to leave the kpop when she found out how difficult it was to deal with the members of the group and how horrific they were to be so close to you, and so decided that she should never return to kpop never and end her career early before she ends up killing herself.

We conclude from the above:

  1. Cheska is a former member of FIESTAR
  2. She joined the squad since 2012 under a 7-year contract
  3. She was unable to make friends or deal with the other members of the group
  4. She was not happy with life with the rest of the members
  5. She was forced to appear for the first time with the squad because of her contract
  6. I finally decided to leave the band and the kpop scientist for good to maintain her mental health

Family wishes for Cheska to live a good life and find herself in other areas to see everything beautiful and continue their successful career


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