Concerns about EXO Chen's parents' private information leaking online!

Concerns about EXO Chen's parents' private information leaking online

Sensitive information leaked from Chen's parents' life online by a fan

In the details, after Chen's parents' information leaked, a large number of his fans asked SM to protect Chen and his family from negative reactions and inappropriate comments. He mentioned earlier that Chen fans asked SM to protect him from negative comments after his marriage, as a few Exo protested him. -ls on leaving Exo while Panama most of his fans expressed support for him, but unexpectedly SM did not protect him and did not stand with him and did nothing.

Fans are concerned about Chen and his family's mental and well-being about the situation.

SM explained that Chen will remain in EXO because all the band members want him to be with them.

We conclude from the above:

  1. EXO is a South Korean boy group and Chen is one of them
  2. His parents' information was leaked, putting him in trouble
  3. There is a fear of negative and degrading reactions on the Internet
  4. SM fans invite Chen to protect him from potential negative comments
  5. The company did not respond to the fans' request, only made it clear that Chen would remain a member of EXO

Family wishes EXO CHEN to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career and We invite him not to care about potential negative comments and to be strong as we always know them


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