GFriend members cry and cancel fansign event

GFriend members cry and cancel fansign event !

Last minute fansign event canceled and GFriend members cried.

In the details, a new event was announced to GFriend in Yangchun, so the band members met with fans and fans at an event called fansign, which was scheduled for February 23 KST, but at the last minute, when the girls of GFriend appeared on the stage, the sponsoring company and entertainment company of GFriend announced that the event took place. Cancellation due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and at this time everyone thought that this was a joke, especially since there were many fans who invested in this scam, but when it was proven that the members of GFriend and many fans and attendees of the event began crying and shed tears.

And fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the company because of the cancellation of the event at the last minute in front of the fans and their denunciation of the treatment of the company sponsoring them

 We conclude from the above :

  • GFriend is a South Korean girl group
  • There was a band event called fansign in Yangchun
  • When the crowd was present and GFriend was on the stage, the event was canceled
  • The reason for the cancellation was the outbreak of the Corona virus
  • Everyone started shedding tears and denounced the closing of the event

Family wishes GFriend  to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career .


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