Jihyo and Jungyeon hold Mina's hand What's the story!

Jihyo and Jungyeon hold Mina's hand What's the story!

Jihyo and Jungyeon
, two members of TWICE, were seen supporting Mina by holding her hand at Incheon Airport on February 24.

In the details, after the end of the music concert of TWICE, which was titled 'TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019' TWICELIGHTS 'IN JAPAN' in Shizuoka, the internet pioneers were affected by the return of Mina to the promotion recently, after she stopped her activities to restore her mental health and the netizens praised the scene of holding Jihyo and Jungyeon Lady Mina and here are the comments:

  • Stay strong, Mina
  • We are very proud of you
  • Jihyo and Jungyeon seemed to be Mina's parents

 We conclude from the above:

  1. TWICE is a South Korean girl group
  2. The band's last concert was in Japan called TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 ’TWICELIGHTS
  3. Mina is a member of TWICE and anxiety disorder is the diagnosis of Mina's current health
  4. After TWICE finished her party, two members of the band were seen holding Mina as her support
  5. TWICE fans admired the scene, influenced a lot and showed their support for Mina

Family 4kpop.com wishes TWICE  to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career and We wish Mina safety and health


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