Seolhyun enjoys in New York while Korea suffers from Corona !

Seolhyun enjoys in New York while Korea suffers from Coron

South Korea is experiencing a high prevalence of the Corona virus and meanwhile Seolhyun is enjoying in New York.

In the details, netizens expressed their great anger at Seolhyun as a result of posting her pictures on Instagram at the same time that the Corona virus spread, and she was angry with her comments and angry responses that condemned her for publishing her pictures while she was enjoying her life in New York in the midst of the crisis and did not receive positive responses and described it as a lantern and that she should have To stand with her country in the dire conditions that surround South Korea these days.

Some of the comments expressing hundreds of people and netizens that have come in negative are contrary to what Seolhyun expected:

"Her country is in ruins, and she seems to enjoy."
Lucky enough to escape from the Corona virus.
"People are dying in Korea and you are having fun in New York."
"Are you upset? Pictures of a vacation at this time"
Would you like to receive negative worms and hate?
"Indeed, her mind lacks something."

 We conclude from the above:

  1. Seolhyun is on vacation in New York
  2. She posted her pictures and looks happy with her vacation
  3. At the same time, the Corona virus kills people in her country, Korea
  4. A wave of negative comments to her

Family wishes Seolhyun to apologize to her fans and her family in Korea and to show her sympathy for them as this is the least thing you can do in support of them


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