Spectrum group looks through a new group album !

Spectrum group looks through a new group album

Spectrum group appears in a promotional image for their new album 'Showtime', which will perform their songs collectively, not individually.

And in the details after the spectators of the South Korean Spectrum group members individually through their individual songs, during which they appeared in many kpop concerts and parties, the band members decided to work together on an album of collective singing that brings together all the band members and unify their talents, which will definitely lead to a wonderful work through Their next fourth album.

"Showtime" is the title track for the upcoming album called '0325', which will see the light on February 24 KST.

Information about Spectrum members:

  • Band Name: SPECTRUM (스펙트럼)
  • Number of members: 7 members
  • Member names: Minjae, Dongkyu, Jaehan, Hwarang, Villain, Eunjun. Dongyoon
  • Entertainment company : WYNN Entertainment
  • Years active : 2018 – present
  • Origin : Seoul, South Korea
  • Genres :K-pop Dance-pop

We must mention that the band member named Dongyoon has passed away.

 We conclude from the above :

  1. Spectrum is a kpop Group
  2. Its members are famous for singing singles
  3. Recently, the idea to present a collective kpop album
  4. There are expectations for great success for the new album Showtime
  5. Mini album release date on February 24 KST
Family 4kpop.com wishes Spectrum  to see everything beautiful and and continuing their successful career .


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