Suspect of infection of an employee of a Korean singer with the Corona virus!

Suspect of infection of an employee of a Korean singer with the Corona virus

An employee of an unidentified Korean artist suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus, subjected to news received from the Corona Virus Test, was quarantined.

In the details, according to reports from South Korean sources, on February 28, an employee of a popular singer was suspected of having contracted Corona and was suspected after this employee traveled abroad with the popular singer to spend time and take pictures. After their return to Korea, the employee showed symptoms of the injury and there is a fear of That this employee have inadvertently transmitted the virus to other people he interacted with directly and is now in quarantine after performing the necessary analyzes and tests and is now awaiting results.

There are rumors that the employee during his trip abroad dealt with many other people and when he returned to Korea visited the artist and other workers who are around the artist and now everyone who dealt with this employee is prohibited in their homes.

We conclude from the above:

  1. An artist and his employee made a trip abroad
  2. After their return, the employee showed symptoms of infection
  3. The necessary tests have been done for the employee and now he is waiting for the results
  4. The name of the employee or singer has not been announced
  5. There is a possibility for the infection to be transmitted to the artist and other workers around him if the employee is found to be infected with the Corona virus

Family wishes the health and safety of the employee, artist, and those working with them and we hope that the results of the analyzes are good .


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