A disappointed and upset ending with the Itaewon Class drama

A disappointed and upset ending with the Itaewon Class drama

A large number of Itaewon Class fans have expressed their dismay at the end and conclusion of the drama

In the details, on March 22, the last episode of Itaewon Class, the famous drama of the JTBC channel, was presented. Despite the bad evaluation of the drama in general and not disappointing, a large number of fans showed a loss of hope at the end of the drama and expressed their dissatisfaction with the series due to its beginning that was Distinctive, interesting, and wonderful, and the end was very ordinary and disappointing for a big drama like Itaewon Class, as well as for an ancient channel JTBC, and we will give you some comments on the drama:

  • " It is unbelievable that the end was for this drama."
  • " A strong start and a weak end "
  • " The story was quick only at the beginning but later ... etc."
  • " This is the first drama that makes me sleep when I watch the end of a drama."

But despite all these negative comments, here are also positive comments. We offer some of them:

  • "It was a really fun drama, despite the lack of some elements in the drama that all the actors were great and did very well!"
  • A happy ending is better than a bleak ending
  • "The drama is still satisfactory and good."

We conclude from the above:

  • Itaewon Class is a popular Korean series for JTBC
  • He is famous for his wonderful start that attracted many
  • The series ended with a disappointing, cold and slow-moving conclusion
  • He received a lot of criticism and resentment from the masses
  • But despite everything, there were positive comments praising the work of the drama

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