ATEEZ received a very large attendance to their shows!

ATEEZ received a very large attendance to their shows!

In detail, ATEEZ has met fans through their external activities, since the release of their third mini album, entitled "TREASURE EP.3: One To All", less than a year after their debut, and therefore ATEEZ has become a distinguished group in the presence of its huge fans for its shows, where ATEEZ first appeared. Through their album "TREASURE EP 1: All To Zero", the band continues to release the "TREASURE" series, which has swept Billboard World Album and iTunes charts. ATEEZ's album features a strong story line and unparalleled professional performance through exceptional theatrical performances and unique and unique concepts With 'Wave' and 'Illusion' etc plus ATEEZ has sold out all of the entry tickets for their 'ATEEZ - The Expedition Tour' In Europe and America where there was a big, high and clear response in New York and Los Angeles "KCON 2019" ATEEZ group received calls and telegrams of congratulations and love from Europe in addition to their top global monthly chart of Hanteo Chart's monthly global chart for 3 consecutive months, and their fans participated in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia A great deal has been signed with ATEEZ by a subsidiary of Sony Music and therefore ATEEZ will continue its activities by strengthening its position as "Global Performance Idols".

We conclude from the above:

  • ATEEZ is a South Korean boy group
  • They gained great fame, less than a year after the first squad members appeared
  • Share their skill, talents, and shows in many countries outside of Korea
  • The band received a lot of love and most entry tickets were purchased for their various shows
  • Sony Audio has signed an agreement with the band members, and this enhances the band's standing in the world

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