Baek Ye Rin and Moon Ga Young invite audiences to reveal the identity of 'Nth room' users

Baek Ye Rin and Moon Ga Young invite audiences to reveal the identity of 'Nth room' users

Highly encourage internet users and urge them to sign a petition by both actress Baek Ye Rin and singer Moon Ga Young calling for the identity of 'Nth room' users to be revealed.

In detail, Moon Ga Young published on March 20 a photocopy of the petition on social media to help encourage Internet users to sign the room disclosure petition No. n and then followed Baek Ye Rin in the footsteps of Moon Ga Young to post the petition also on her Instagram account On March 21st.

'Nth room' is a group of rooms designed for chatting via the telegram that share illegal things (porn videos and violent videos for the exploitation of women) and these criminals each have a chat room holding personal information of the victims to make them do what the kidnappers want and we must mention that these rooms do not They can be reached easily, even by paying users who are obsessed with such criminal acts in exchange for watching videos.

The founder of 'Nth room' is unknown until now and is still at large to this day, knowing that one of the main members of the chambers has been arrested, a man in his twenties who holds Korean nationality, where he was arrested on March 19, he is being severely punished and the police are trying to During it you will get information about the rhythm of the main founder of 'Nth room'.

We conclude from the above:

  • On the Telegram app, there are chat rooms managed by criminals called 'Nth room'
  • These rooms offer viewer services for illegal videos in exchange for paying money
  • These rooms provoke the owners of these videos
  • Baek Ye Rin and Moon Ga Young have asked the fans to sign a petition
  • This petition was signed by thousands of internet pioneers
  • A nth room criminals arrested

The 4kpop family supports Baek Ye Rin and Moon Ga Young in the petition they demanded the masses sign for the cadre of 'Nth room' criminals

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