BLACKPINK fans are angry with Allissa Shin's look like Rose !

BLACKPINK fans are angry with Allissa Shin's look like Rose

BLACKPINK fans agree that Allissa Shin's trying to bring in followers by imitating BLACKPINK girls' band member Rose, prompting Allissa to respond to her critics.

In detail, Allissa's popularity on Instagram increased dramatically this period after she tried to get a similar look to Rose and this resulted in her getting 13,000 followers on Instagram and this eventually led to BLACKPINK fans discovering the matter and making negative responses to Allissa's photos and they got angry with her severely and led As a result of the anger of Allissa’s followers, too, and her anger and negative responses reached her stories on Instagram and sending negative messages to her accusing Allissa of trying to reproduce the shape and style of BLACKPINK Rose, which eventually led to Allissa having responded to her critics that she wanted to clarify some of the negative allegations she had received. She was planning to defend herself with a set of facts and counter-evidence, but she canceled this idea because she considered that her critics are very rude and they will find something else to criticize her and she said that her criticism because of its similarity to BLACKPINK Rose is very pleased with her, nothing is more beautiful than being a person like a famous idol and added that it does not seem Never set an example and do not try to imitate her in her style

She wrote a note saying that she will not change her shape or style anything (she will not change her appearance to please anyone and will not change her hair, makeup and fashion because of her criticism) and she expressed that her critics are wasting their time and advising them to stop trying to overthrow her

"Don't assume I'm changing my entire lifestyle / appearance to look like a person because I know I am Alyssa Sheen, not Rosie," she said.

She noted that she does not hate BLACKPINK Rose and does not know much about her and hoped that she would not understand her words as offensive to Rose. In the end, Allissa thanked her followers, including her critics.

We conclude from the above:

  • Allissa Shin's post her photos on Instagram
  • Its popularity increased rapidly
  • BLACKPINK fans claim that Allissa tries to resemble Rose in her shape and style
  • Criticism of Allissa's negative reviews
  • Allissa replied that she was not trying to resemble Rose
  • And she will not change her look and style to please the critics
  • Allissa thanked her fans and critics for the end

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