BTS's V communicated with his fans during the 2020 pandemic !

BTS's V communicated with his fans during the 2020 pandemic

How do ARMYs and BTS's V communicate after the spread of the Coruna virus?

The rapid spread of the epidemic Corona virus in most countries of the world led to an indefinite suspension in the global rounds of idols and a meeting with fans.
Septet fans have shown an example to follow for charity and donations at such a difficult time, but the failure of fans to see BTS members during their global tour (due to their layoffs of course) will plunge them into great anxiety but despite the current situation, member V has shown his love for his fans Through his constant search for his fans all over the world, by keeping his wonderful and ideal presence on Weverse, through which he interacts with fans in the official BTS fan club on a daily basis, but also through online games with fans, leaving nice tips and responses to his fans and keeps BTS V fans Permanently informed of it Recommend Plumtaam favored and captured images of the same positions nice and different make fans forget their concerns when they see.

We must mention that the most prominent BTS V publications ever when he expressed his hope that ARMY provides a good feeling that helps them recover from the Corona virus through their presence on Weverse and their communication with him and in this way the only way that BTS V can help his fans swindlers Balfaires and collect All BTS V fans admire him because of his dedicated efforts at this difficult time by staying in touch with them.

We conclude from the above:

  • Corona's spread led to the suspension of any Idols celebrations or tours
  • Communication between fans and idols has stopped
  • During this time BTS made many donations and charities
  • BTS V kept in touch with the public through Weverse
  • His fans shared the details of his daily life and participated with them in electronic games
  • BTS V hopes that its appearance through Weverse will help entertain and heal fans with Corona Virus

Family 4KPOP wishes BTS V to see everything and we hope that the Corona Virus will end as soon as possible and we wish the recovery to those infected as soon as possible.

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