Dara's musical debut has the support and love of CL and her sister

Dara's musical debut has the support and love of CL and her sister

CL and her sister Harin provided support and love for Dara's first musical appearance

In the details, Dara shared photos with her fellow cast and theater crew 'Another Oh Hae Young' on March 12 as she enjoyed a meal from CL and Harin and wrote that the food and coffee sent by CL and Harin is very cool and she said she is very touched and happy as I also wrote, "I am the president of the CL fan club, but today CL is the president of the Dara fan club," adding that she got the hot chicken that she loves. #Successful fan

CL designed her own banner to support Dara with her first concert and said, "Please take good care of Dara at her concert, CL encourages you very much."

Harin also sent coffee to Dara with posters saying "I am with you and I support" and posted Dara "When we wanted to drink all of the coffee, Harin coffee came! We drank well and will work hard during my next concert"

We should mention that Harin prepared the coffee carriers and sent them to Dara

We conclude from the above:

  • Dara will debut in a concert
  • CL and Harin supported Dara
  • Dara rejoiced a lot and enjoyed CL and Harin's love for her

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