destroyed Chen merchandise and Angry EXO fans!

destroyed Chen merchandise and Angry EXO fans!

Many EXO destroyed Chen merchandise fans have sent out and they will never buy it again!

In the details, after the surprise announcement of EXO member Chen that he would marry and have a child, the wrath of the EXO fans caused them to buy Chen merchandise and destroy it and send it to SM Entertainment, the sponsor of the company, as an expression of their dissatisfaction with his decision and decided not to buy it again and used the angry EXO fans to derive # 양심 없는 첸 탈퇴 해 which means (Leave the band, Chen who has no dignity) as well as # 첸 택배 총공, which means (Chen delivery package) and one of the negative comments addressed to Chen that no money will be spent on him anymore and no purchase will be made Something that concerns him in addition to additional comments stating that his marriage is an insult and that he should not deal with who She graciously confronted him while others expressed their displeasure by sending devastating packages of Chen's SM products to wake up.

We must mention that SM Entertainment announced last month that EXO Chen will remain in the band and not leave, resulting in a wave of extreme anger and betrayal due to the news of his marriage.

We conclude from the above:

  1. EXO Chen announced that he will marry
  2. Great anger among the fans of the band over this announcement
  3. Negative comments, cursing and threatening not to buy anything related to Chen
  4. The sponsoring company announced that Chen will remain in the band and not leave
  5. All this led to Chen's destructive products being sent to the company sponsoring the squad by people angry at her urging Chen's expulsion.
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