Exclusive interview details with former MONSTA X member Wonho

Exclusive interview details with former MONSTA X member Wonho

Former MONSTA X member named Wonho shared his love for MONBEBE, his past, and his love for his previous band, in exchange for exclusive with Dispatch.

In the details and during the interview, Wonho talked about his past when he was unjustly accused of smoking marijuana, which later proved to be not guilty, and spoke of his poor upbringing, which eventually led him to hang out with the wrong people.

For model Jung Da Eun who previously revealed details of his past and his life that brought him out of the group, Wonho said he met him earlier while working as a model.

Wonho talked about the mistakes that were committed during his childhood and the problems he went through starting from his wrong upbringing and he worked hard to make mistakes of the mistakes he made and showed his love for MONBEBE by saying that he was able to be proud of a group called MONBEBE after he met them and expressed the extent of his change Then for the better, he talked about the extent of his awareness in the sense that the person would be loved and ended his words by saying that he is trying hard to live well.

We conclude from the above:

  • Wonho is a former member of MONSTA X
  • Wonho appeared in an exclusive interview with Dispatch
  • He talked about his past, his mistakes, the reasons for this, and his quest for the best
  • He talked about his love for the MONBEBE group that changed his life after that of them
  • They finally understand what it means to be loved.

Family 4KPOP wishes Wonho to see everything beautiful and continuing their successful career.

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