Do idols with blonde hair look better!

Do idols with blonde hair look better!

With the title "Blond Hair for Idols", netizens discussed the improved appearance of idols by not becoming blond hair, and do they look really better!

In the details, a controversial issue was published on a popular forum recently, the extent of the influence of blonde hair on idols.

Blond hair is definitely a common appearance in South Korea, but it floated to the surface in this period by making a large number of idols of their hair appear blond in various shades and appeared enormously in the K-pop industry.

Oh My Girl's Jiho was nominated by the author who posed the question, who received very high viral reactions as the best blonde idol hair among the other candidates :

Red Velvet's Yeri
GFriend's Sowon
TWICE's Sana
Red Velvet's Irene

We conclude from the above:

  • Blond hair began to spread in South Korea a long time ago
  • Recently, blond hair entered the k-pop industry strongly
  • This issue was brought up in the popular forums in Korea and sparked controversy
  • This topic got a lot of interaction
  • Several idols were nominated as queen of blond hair for the post of Queen of Blond Hair Oh My Girl's Jiho the original author of the topic on the forum nominated
  • Look at the video and let us know what you think

And you share with us your opinion, who deserves the title of idols with the best blonde hair? Share your thoughts with us ...


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