Moon Hyuna, former member of Nine Muses, is pregnant !!

Moon Hyuna, former member of Nine Muses, is pregnant !!

Hyuna announced on March 22 her first pregnancy, and she is now in the twenty-seventh week, through an update to her on Instagram, during which she revealed that she will be a mother and seemed very happy as she knew her fans and her followers on her son who is in her stomach and she says "Hello, this is Bandi, which is the title that she gave On the child, ”she said, and she needed courage to announce such news. She said,“ I have two hearts inside of me, my God, I’ll be either. ”It was a very nice video that she said to her child,“ Let's meet in June ”(How nice this is)

It should be remembered that Hyuna Fad left the Nine Muses girls' group in 2016 and married her little-known husband in September 2017 during a small wedding ceremony.

General information about Moon Hyuna:

Her name is in Korean 문현아 She is a South Korean singer and model who joined Nine Muses in 2010 and made her debut with the band in 2011 and after her graduation in 2014 she became the actual leader of Nine Muses and in 2016 the entertainment agency of the group announced the departure of Hyuna and then married her friend Daynite Records in 2017 and then announced her pregnancy on March 22, 2020

We conclude from the above:

  • Hyuna announced her pregnancy with her first child from her husband, Daynite Records
  • It is revealed in the twenty-seventh week
  • The announcement was made on Instagram video
  • Through her, she got acquainted with her son through a nice video family congratulates the couple and wishes good news for them

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