Purplebeck announces the teaser of the first mini album 'Starry Night'

Purplebeck announces the teaser of the first mini album 'Starry Night'

In details, Purplebeck released a teaser scene that represents a group photo of the members of the band in a teaser photo from the band's first mini album, which is called 'Starry Night'. This album represents the first return of the group since September 2019 (where the album titled 'Dream Line' was released) and the girls appear In a beautiful suit, in pink and white clothes, in a picture that motivates fans and makes us eager to see them again with impatience.

We must mention that the new Purplebeck album will be released on March 21.

General information about Purplebeck:

The South Korean kpop girl group of a entertainment company called Majesty Entertainment consists of five members and they are:
  • Yeowool
  • Layeon
  • Yerim
  • Mini
  • Seyeon

Their first appearance was on Jun 24, 2019

  We conclude from the above:

  • Purplebeck is a new Korean band that started in 2019
  • They announced the upcoming release of their first album, through a teaser that gathered the band's members
  • The new mini album name 'Starry Night' will be released on March 21

Family 4KPOP wishes Purplebeck to see everything beautiful and continuing their successful career.

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