Seungri's friends celebrate and angry netizens!

Seungri's friends celebrate and angry netizens!

After Seungri's friends celebrate his enlistment into the army, the internet pioneers revolt and get angry.

In the details, Seungri's friends made a party for him, filmed this party and published it on social media, where Seungri's was seen in the published photos smiling with a cake to celebrate his willingness to recruit into the army, which angered internet users, because Seungri's had previously escaped from prison twice because of the Burning scandal. Sun, and thus Internet pundits got angry with Seungri's and his friends for their contradictory stances, here are some comments:

"I realized that Korean laws are fragile and mean nothing after the Burning Sun scandal."
"The investigators with Seungri's seemed aware that they were inferior to him."
"Seungri's only escapes from his scandals and everything and goes to the army and he's not a hero."

We conclude from the above:

  1. Seungri's and his friends held a party to celebrate his enlistment into the army
  2. He had a previous scandal and was almost imprisoned
  3. The audience became angry with him for his apparent contradiction and his attempt to appear a hero

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