The first appearance of Yulhee Twins in a live broadcast

The first appearance of Yulhee Twins in a live broadcast

Yulhee revealed her newly born twin daughters in a live broadcast on Instagram

In the details, on March 23, Yulhee, who switched from Idol Lam, revealed her newly born twins for the first time on Instagram in order to be seen by her fans and her fans, and the twins looked very nice and beautiful. They are now hidden because of the presence of a lot of fat for the children, adding that her twins were born well and healthy and expressed that she was enjoying hearing her newborn babies at home and mentioned that she only sleeps 4 or x hours a day at the very least.

And we must take into account that Yulhee is now caring for three children between them, two newborn twin children while her husband is now serving in the army, which makes it more difficult for the mission until she decided to accept this challenge by opening a YouTube channel called 'Yulhee's House'

We conclude from the above:

  • Yulhee is Idol in South Korea
  • She was transformed from Idol to a mother after giving birth to her twin children
  • Yulhee shared her twin photos with her fans via Instagram
  • Yulhee shared her fans with information on how she takes care of her children
  • Although Yulhee's husband in the army seems to be great and takes everything as positive signs
  • I decided to open a YouTube channel 'Yulhee's House'

This is very good news to see Yulhee with such courage and see her joy with her unspeakable children. We wish the 4kpop family of Yulhee and her children the good, permanent safety and joy.

And you also shared your opinion .. Would you prefer for idols to be converted to a mother?


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