TWICE is now on Tik Tok officially !

TWICE is now on Tik Tok officially

It appears that we are facing a large volume of content that will be provided very soon and formally by the famous K-pop band TWICE after opening an account for them on Tik Tok.

And in the details recently, the internet pioneers noticed a group account confirmed on the social media platform, which is rich in definition. Although the account is private at the moment, it portends a large amount of interaction and videos for the members of the group on Tik Tok, and this is an exciting news that will give TWICE a means. New to communicate with her fans and fans.

Here we will give you some audience comments on opening an official TWICE account on Tik Tok :
  • "It is my best day ever."
  • "Excited about the new band"
  • "Finally we will get more private content and close to TWICE"

We must mention that JYP Entertainment, to which TWICE is affiliated, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the American Republic Records to promote the band’s updates in Western countries. The two companies to increase the impact of TWICE in western countries.

We conclude from the above:

  • TWICE is a world famous Korean K-Pop band for girls
  • An official TWICE account will be available on the Tik Tok platform
  • Fans liked the news of being on the platform
  • Expected to see massive content for the band members on Tik Tok

Family wishes TWICE to see everything beautiful and continuing their successful career.


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