Wholesale criticism of Blackpink fans caused by harassment and bullying!

Wholesale criticism of Blackpink fans caused by harassment and bullying!

On March 12, Winner's return was announced, which will begin on March 26, contrary to public expectations, as they expected Winner's release next year.

In the details, K-netizens pointed out that whenever the company published anything on its personal account, Blackpink fans would crowd and start cursing and cursing at the respective artist and sometimes they crossed the borders without targeting their main problem (instead) they were bullied and harassed artists who had no control. On the matters of the company, and insulted them to the leader of the group, 

Until now, Blackpink fans are still cursing and insulting and using unrealistic claims by claiming that Winner's will return through the black money they got to help them in their return while in fact Winner's got the money through touring and meeting with fans and they got a lot of money in addition To the money they got by selling their songs, which all ranked first in South Korea, yet Blackpink fans still incite hatred, cursing, bullying and harassment.

The most important comments:

  1.  I'm a fan of another band, but when I saw Blackpink fans insulting and harassing Winner, I started feeling that I should support Winner.
  2. Winner have made many overseas tours and many local appointments and are busy collecting money and various shows without rest and are still composing songs in their spare time while Blackpink fans behave and Blackpink is the only one who makes money and gives money to Winner out of mercy
  3. I can understand YG's Twitter account was swamped and requested that Blackpink be back since Winner is not back.

We conclude from the above:

  • Winner A South Korean boy group has announced their return soon
  • Blackpink fans began bashing, cursing Winner, harassing them, dumping Twitter by bullying them, and claiming that their money was black obtained by illegal acts
  • In fact, Winner collected its money through international and local tours and presentations

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