Angered by the request of the late mother Hara for her share of her daughter's heirs and asking her for celebrities to take pictures during the funeral !

Angered by the request of the late mother Hara for her share of her daughter's heirs and asking her for celebrities to take pictures during the funeral!

Suddenly, the brother of the late Hara revealed that their mother asked all the celebrities who attended the funeral of her daughter Hara to take a rest and take pictures, which led to a wave of anger by the masses and Internet pioneers.

In the details, the MBC was revealed, in the form of the shocking real story that happened on the day of Hara's funeral, and her brother wrote to a participant what he thinks on the Internet that he receives a lot of messages about the uproar that took place at the late funeral of Hara, adding that he will not write anything at the moment and ask for understanding of the masses.

On March 3, Hara's brother lodged a lawsuit against Hara's mother, formally accusing her of leaving the family, leaving her children and leaving irrevocably, as Hara was only nine years old, and after 20 years she returned to participate in her daughter's funeral and demanded her superiors from her deceased daughter, after which Hara's brother revealed that Hara tried Suicide five times previously, and each time I was trying to prevent the leaking of this news in order to preserve Hara's status, adding that he almost lost his mind when he heard that she had finally succeeded in suicide (unfortunately :( ) and expressed his anger and disappointment from his mother and said that he had to expel her from the funeral after If she recorded the voices of the person who was attending the funeral, and later he knew it You are asking celebrities to take pictures at her daughter's funeral, which led to the amazement of the celebrities present at the funeral, which led to a wave of anger of the masses and Internet users, and all of this led to the work to protect the money and assets of the children abandoned by their parents. A petition was launched on March 18 and the aim was to collect 100,000 signatures within a month that he reached the goal in much less time, and thus the petition will be evaluated by the National Assembly of the Korean government.

We conclude from the above:

  • Hara is a recently South Korean artist who died.
  • Her mother left her for 20 years.
  • After Hara's death, her mother returned to claim her share of Hara's heirs.
  • She asked celebrities to take pictures.
  • This resulted in widespread public anger.
  • Hara's brother filed a lawsuit against their mother.
  • The masses submitted a petition with 100,000 signatures requesting them to protect the origins of the children who were abandoned from their parents.

The family offers condolences to Hara's brother and denounces Hara's selfless and irresponsible behavior.

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