A reporter criticizes Heechul's comments about Sulli and Hara and the latter responds in anger

Heechul is very angry with a reporter who has sharply criticized his comments about Sulli and Hara

Main news:

On April 20, during the broadcast of the '7.7 Million Love' program, which is shown on JTBC, Heechul expressed his frustration and criticism of the bad and malicious reporters and commentators during his talk about the loss of two wonderful friends Sulli and Hara, and after the broadcast, a media reporter and the columnist in the Wi Geun Woo column published a long comment. via his SNS saying that Sulli was a victim of passive and malicious commentators and he continued saying that for him it seems to replace the mistakes of these malicious commentators with gender conflict issues and calling both sides in the ongoing conflict as a "mistake" is a mistake

He went on to say that the enduring conflicts between men and women have nothing to do with gender issues now, and he ended his speech with a claim that Heechul's words should not be interpreted as the thoughts of the late Sulli. The more Heechul viewed his words as identical to Sulli's, the more criticism he should receive.

After some time after the reporter wrote his prolonged comment, Heechul was seen leaving a severely angry reaction under the title Wi Geun Woo where Heechul wrote that it is certainly not important that malicious commentators were male or female, regardless of their gender, they committed crimes and they are just criminals, not only, in addition Therefore, he continued that his song 'Charm of Life' is directed mainly to those malicious commentators who spread rumors and leave insulting comments to his person (Heechul). He continued that until now he mourned the separation of the wonderful friends Sulli and Hara, and he continued that when he talks about them, this topic is carefully brought up. Ultra Heechul drew harsh words to the reporter telling him who you are To write about me like this and accuse him of trying to concoct things from his imagination to become famous and ultimately Heechul warned the reporter against using the dead in his small battles.

At 'DC Inside', Heechul left a comment that he felt disgusted when he saw that this reporter frequently analyze Heechul's ideas and use the deceased as a tool and he went on to say that he had no idea why the deceased had suffered so much in their lives, and how much pain they had suffered.

Heechul continued, saying that after saying his friend he lost all his interest in preserving his image as a celebrity and starting resting from work and receiving treatment, Heechul directed his fans, fans, and followers not to listen to all the harmful comments, commentators and correspondents that resemble garbage.

Information about Heechul:

A member of super junior K-pop group, an SM Entertainment, actor, singer, TV presenter, pianist and songwriter fluent in Korean and English. He is 37 years old and was born in Korea in Huangsong County

We conclude from the above:

  • Heechul, a Super Junior member, gets criticism about Sulli and Hara
  • During the broadcast of '7.7 Million Love', Heechul expressed his frustration with malicious commentators
  • After the broadcast, a reporter posted a lengthy comment criticizing Heechul
  • Heechul's wrath hit
  • Heechul replied to the reporter strongly accusing him of using the deceased
  • Heechul semi-malicious correspondents with garbage
  • Heechul invited his fans not to listen to these malicious commentators and reporters
  • Full details of what Heechul and his reporter have found are described in the link

The 4kpop.com team wishes to stay away from the use of the deceased as a tool in the problems between the different parties and let them rest in peace.

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