BTS Commentary 'Map of the Soul' World Tour Because of COVID-19

BTS officially announces the suspension of their 'Map of the Soul' world tour and is adjusting their entire plans and timetables due to the global crisis in Corona.

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Main news:

The Big Hit Entertainment company, which belongs to the BTS boys group, announced on April 28 that it stopped and rescheduled the BTS band 'Map of the Soul', which was scheduled to start at the end of April this year, where it was stopped and canceled in Seoul and Postponing its departure schedule for a later date in the North American phase of the tour.

Later in the announcement, Big Hit Entertainment said it would completely reschedule and offer it to fans and fans when the global situation improves and the impact of the Corona virus is gone.

The company expressed that it is difficult to take a decision to start the tour, especially after the improvement in conditions in a number of countries, including Korea, as the company nevertheless showed the extent of its concern for the safety of the BTS fans and promised the fans with performances with the maximum professionalism possible and the company demanded the fans to understand and be patient as I indicated that it was the reason for the rescheduling Postponement is the conditions we are going through and the company will strive to develop its capabilities and prepare the best parties that can be shown. opinion on this topic:

 It seems that the 'Map of the Soul' tour will be very late due to the continuous increase in the number of patients globally, but we must be optimistic and keep an eye on BTS updates and the latest developments and modifications of their global tour 'Map of the Soul' .
We hope to see our beloved BTS band very soon and we understand the company concern due to the current conditions.


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