BTS's Vs Samsung Advertisement is spreading fire like Tik Tok

BTS's V In a recent announcement by Samsung via the Tik Tok platform, the ad spread with lightning speed.

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Main news:

Since his previous announcement regarding the Badge for handsome men through the #GoodBoyChallenge challenge, which has become one of the popular hashtags on the Tik Tok platform, through which BTS's V has acquired the Tik Tok platform through the significantly increasing growth of his followers on this platform, which led to him becoming famous on the platform during a time A little bit .

BTS's V proved again and through a new announcement by Samsung that its popularity on the platform is not artificial, but it has become a popular topic on the platform as the video that is still shared by the Korean media "Insight Korea" on their official pages got more than five million views and exceeded the number of his fans Million likes, and an article related to the BTS's V announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip was ranked first in the Economic News section as opposed to the entertainment section proving his indubitable brand power as BTS's V ads were received by fans and Koreans in general well.

It is reported that all the titles of his marketing reports were exceptional in the headlines of Korea and around the world.

Information about V:

He is a member of the Korean BTS K-pop band, born in South Korea in Daegu, aged 25 and a singer, actor and producer known for his mastery of Korean pop art.

We conclude from the above:

  • V member of BTS has announced Samsung.
  • This led to the growing popularity of V on the platform.
  • His promotional advertisements spread like fire on the Tik Tok platform.
  • V has become a global phenomenon on Tik Tok.
  • His articles on ads occupied exceptional positions in international newspapers.
  • His promotional posts were ranked first.
  • It was shared by all Korean media.

Ray does the following:

BTS's V is a talented young man who has always proven his worth in anything that enters it and it is great for large advertising companies such as Samsung and others to contract with an exceptional and unique personality BTS's V and for sure this will increase the company’s sales and activate it more and certainly will increase the professionalism of BTS's V and always wait for everything new from him We wish him more success and brilliance.


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