Details of the allegations about Wheesung drug abuse!

Details of the allegations about Wheesung drug abuse!

Disclosure of legal drug details that Wheesung was allegedly injected with before he lost consciousness in the bathroom.

In the details, on March 31, the South Korean singer found Wheesung unconscious in the bathroom and found that after the police had examined the site on plastic bags, syringes and a bottle containing liquid, then Wheesung was treated and placed in the investigation on suspicion of drug use and by identifying the propofol and used it illegally and subjected to drug tests At the police station, but surprisingly, the urine test showed that it was free of illegal drugs. According to a report prepared on April 2, it was proven that the drug that was used by Wheesung is etomidate and has another market name, Amidate that is similar to the effect of Propofol and has a short-term effect that is listed under venous delicacies. Using more doses of Amidate, it will cause side effects, including low blood pressure and cortisol, which may lead to loss of consciousness.
But we should mention that although Amidate is classified as an anesthetic, it is designated as a medicine given according to limited prescriptions, so there are no penalties for buyers. The Ministry of Medicinal Safety revealed that the import of Amidate rises every year.

We conclude from the above:

  • Wheesung is a South Korean singer.
  • He lost consciousness in the bathroom.
  • He was accused of drug use.
  • But the analyzes proved the inaccuracy of this news.
  • It was revealed that the rotor I used was Amidate.
  • There are no penalties for purchasing Amidate according to a medical prospectus.

The family wishes Health and Safety to Wheesung.


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