GOT7 And MAMAMOO’s star Compliment every Other’s Music And Performance

On Gregorian calendar month thirty, GOT7 and MAMAMOO’s star appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show “Cultwo Show.”

GOT7 recently created a comeback with the mini-album “DYE” and title track “Not By the Moon,” whereas star recently created her solo debut with “Spit It Out.”

During the show, each artist talked concerning their latest releases. Yugyeom same, “‘Not By the Moon’ suggests that ‘let the U.S.A. not swear eternal love by the perpetually ever-changing moon.’ It borrows lines from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet.'” Yugyeom additionally thanked fans for breaking the group’s personal initial album sales record with “DYE.”

JYP’s Park Jin Young participated in manufacturing, writing, and arrangement “Not by the Moon.” JB said, “We were happy. The song is smart. whereas we tend to put on the market, I think, ‘The song gets higher and better a lot of I hear it.’ Park Jin Young was one thousand p.c concerned. His songs are forever flying high.”

Solar introduced her song “Spit It Out” and same, “It’s my initial solo unharness and that I forever like attempting new things and absorbing new challenges, that the message of the song is, ‘I’m about to do no matter I would like.'”

Special DJ Shin echo Sun the same, “You look very cool. It’s a ‘girl crush’ ambiance.” Jackson supplementary, “I adore your performance. I watch it daily. The intro is cool.”

Solar responded, “I’ve additionally seen GOT7’s performances. Our comeback promotions have overlapped plenty, thus we’ve detected your songs plenty, and each time, the MAMAMOO members cite however smart your songs are within the room.”

GOT7 and star then answered queries that were sent in by listeners. Asked that member work the conception of ‘Romeo’ best, JB said, “From a visible perspective, it’s Mark. He appearance the foremost innocent and handsome.” Jinyoung joked, “There’s additionally a Juliet” and picked JB.

Asked that Korean words were hardest to pronounce, BamBam same, “I get confused between ‘mirror’ (geo-wool) and ‘winter’ (gyeo-wool). ‘Clementine’ (girl) is additionally exhausting.” Jackson same, “I don’t have any words like that. If there are words like that, I simply keep quiet.”

Jinyoung the same, “When we tend to record songs, the ‘s’ (ㅅ) sound is tough. The double ‘ss’ (ㅆ) sound is even more durable.” Mark quipped, “You should have used the double ‘ss’ sound plenty in lifestyle for you to induce confused.”

Jinyoung additionally mentioned his current drama, tvN’s “When The Love Blooms,” and said, “It’s Associate in Nursing honor [to be operating with such a superb cast] and I’m learning plenty. They’re not folks that I will cite recklessly. they're relaxed and understanding. I’m motion-picture photography 3 things quickly and that I have plenty of programming conflicts, however, they're terribly understanding concerning it. I’m grateful to participate in motion-picture photography.”

Solar was asked what she planned to grant her oldsters for Parents’ Day and the same, “My oldsters forever say I ought to offer them cash [instead of a present].”


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