Han Gi Chan will debut in the world of acting hrough Hallyu's first BL drama

Han Gi Chan will enter acting through his first drama in his life.

Main news:

On April 20, a statement issued by Fantagio announced the choice of Han Gi Chan in the main role of the drama 'The Place Where Your Gaze Is' and before Han Gi Chan appeared in acting he worked as a Fantagio model and also as a trained contestant in the 'Produce X 101' '
All episodes of the drama "The Place Where Your Gaze Is" will be released on May 22 and it will be available beginning in Korea and Japan and then from all over the world.

Information about the drama 'The Place Where Your Gaze Is':

It is a drama that follows the growing relationship between Han Tae Joo ( Han Gi Chan ) who will be the sole heir to the chaebol family and his bodyguard who has a strong and terrifying aura Kang Kook who plays the role of actor Jang Eui Soo Geeth remains alongside Han Gi Chan and in addition will join the actors Choi Gyu Ri, who plays Hye Mi as an open and energetic student, will be joined by Jeon Jae Young, who will play Pil Hyun, whose friends are continuously stolen by Tae Joo, and in the end they become friends, and the drama gained wide fame and great attention even before its release because it is the first drama that represents By Han Gi Chan.
The drama will be directed by Hwang Da Seul who won an award at the Catholic Film Festival with the short film "Spring in the Summer" of 2018.
The Place Where Your Gaze will feature 10 minutes of each episode.

Summary of the above:

  • Han Gi Chan will enter the field of acting for the first time
  • Han Gi Chan will take a lead role in the drama 'The Place Where Your Gaze Is'
  • It is a web drama that will air on May 22
  • The drama consists of 10 minutes each
  • The drama received great attention

The 4kpop.com team wishes the Drama The Place Where Your Gaze is up to expectations, and we wish Han Gi Chan success and sparkle in its inception with the world of drama and acting.


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