Heechul not deny the rumors about him being gay Why !

Heechul not deny the rumors about him being gay Why !!

Heechul finally reveals the reason for not denying the rumors circulating around him since the beginning of his appearance with the K-Pop Super Junior group.

Main news:

On the April 13 episode of 'Love of 7.7 Billion' featured out gay actor and TV personality Hong Suk Chun, which has sparked and stirred up the issue of homosexual minorities in Korea, Heechul said that since the beginning of his appearance with the Super Junior K-pop group, he has been exposed to many rumors that have plunged Korea since that time accusing him As a homosexual, the rumors did not stop there, but rather I went back to his position with the list of celebrity scandals in Korea and all this only because he had long hair and put on colored contact lenses in his early days to appear with the K-Pop Super Junior band and continued saying that he wanted to deny the rumors about Homosexuality, but he finally decided not to respond to these rumors Considering that if he responds to it, he may offend sexual minorities in Korea and the world, and he continued by saying that there may be a gay person among the male fans who follow his parties and this will lead to an ultimately apology from them in the event of denying that he is gay.

About the Super Junior K-Pop Squad:

It is a Korean pop group consisting of six boys from SM Entertainment, the company was formed in 2005 and for a long time, Super Junior remained the best idol group in Korea and they received four awards from the Asian Music Awards and four other Golden Disc Awards and in 2014 Super Junior They won the Best Artist Award in the World and won the Super Junior in the International Teen Choice Award for Best Band and Best Vendome in 2015.

Information about Heechul:

Member of Super Junior, a Korean national, singer, actor, songwriter, pianist and TV presenter named Belkouri 김희철 who is 37 years old.

We conclude from the above:

  • Heechul is a member of the Super Junior Kibbutz.
  • Rumors about Heechul that he is homosexual.
  • He was on the lists of idols scandals since his first appearance.
  • Heechul did not deny the rumors for a very long time.
  • Claiming that in case of denial, it would reduce respect for sexual minorities in the world
  • This is what he does not want.
  • What are your thoughts on what Heechul said?

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