What happened to the individual projects of BLACKPINK members !

What happened to the individual projects of BLACKPINK members

There are many questions from internet pioneers about the progress and developments of individual projects of BLACKPINK members as the Corona crisis continues in 2020.

In the details, and despite the fact that Jennie was her first solo show with "SOLO" in 2018, this is unlike the other members of BLACKPINK who did not get their own individual projects and despite the promises of entertainment company YG for them to obtain individual releases, which did not happen in 2019 and this led to users The Internet, in turn, notices that YG is late in fulfilling what it promised, so they sent a billboard to YG Entertainment with the slogan "Implement your promises regarding individual projects." This prompts us to ask why YG hides her outstanding talent (Rose's) and why she does not fulfill the promises she made.

It should be remembered that BLACKPINK is preparing their iron album, which will be released sometime in 2020 as fans and fans eagerly await it.

We conclude from the above:

  • BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group
  • YG promised members individual actions for each member
  • YG did not keep its promises
  • And why YG revives Rose
  • Fans presented a sign urging YG to keep its promises

4kpop.com hopes YG will keep its promises made on BLACKPINK members because they deserve it and we wish the band members more success and lasting brilliance.


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