In his first drama in 3 years, Lee Min Ho discusses the lead role

In his first drama in 3 years, Lee Min Ho discusses the lead role

Lee Min Ho shared his thoughts on starring in a drama, after 3 years he stopped participating in dramas

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On April 16, the press conference for SBS drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch 'was broadcast on' Kakao TV 'with the attendance of both SBS cast and drama crew Geith On this day, actor Lee Min Ho stated that he would return to his main career as a lead actor after a break that lasted 3 years ago, he said, it was the right time to look at himself a little and wanted to paint for himself a picture as an actor in his thirties, different from the image he took for himself when he was in his twenties and expressed that he is now at the right time to express and show growth.

He continued by saying that he spent a lot of time watching and monitoring his previous works, as well as he was studying good production and more research in public opinion about his direction and public evaluation of it.

He continued that after this long absence from the drama he had a lot of fears, but when he entered the filming room all his fears were dispelled, the place seemed familiar and he said to himself that this place belongs to him.

Lee Min Ho shared his intense tension, as SBS 'King: Eternal Monarch' drama will air tomorrow on April 17 at 10 PM KST!

About actor Lee Min Ho:

Lee Min Ho is an actor, singer, and model who is now about 32 years old. He has been active since 2003 and has won 35 awards during his long career. His most important roles were: Boys before flowers, the city hunter, heirs, and the legend of the Blue Sea. 2009-2010)

We conclude from the above:

  • Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor
  • Lee Min Ho has ceased acting for 3 years
  • He finally starred in "The King: Eternal Monarch".
  • He will be the hero of the SBS series
  • Lee Min Ho shared his tension after the first broadcast of the series approached
  • He said he would paint another picture of him as an actor in the 1930s

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