Messages to Jo Kwon by his friends after 'Knowing Brothers' Why?

Messages to Jo Kwon by his friends after 'Knowing Brothers' Why?

Jo Kwon said he received many messages from his friends after the 'Knowing Brothers' program aired and we will explain why he received all of these messages.

In the details, on April 4 on the varied JTBC program, Jo Kwon received a lot of communications and messages supporting him, and Jo Kwon revealed that he was very nervous and nervous before recording the episode, as he put it.

Jo Kwon went on to say that he did not believe he was on the show that he had been watching while he had been in military service for two years.

Jo Kwon continued, saying that he received many communications from friends and wrote about him positively and received pleasant and positive reactions, which made him very happy after reaching the first position in the search engines in real time and expressed his happiness to see his parents and fans enthusiastic about his presence.

The singer Jo Kwon expressed his desire to continue in the entertainment field and he was excited to work hard for his work as a singer and Hilal recorded that he wanted to return to his first days and show what he made at the time and develop and work on it and this is what he felt during pelvic dance alone.

We conclude from the above:

  • Jo Kwon is a South Korean singer.
  • He performed military service and was hosted on a program on JTBC.
  • During the 'Knowing Brothers' entertainment show, he was nervous before recording.
  • He received many messages and contacts from his friends in support of him.
  • He expressed his desire to return to the entertainment field strongly.
  • He wanted to repeat what he had previously made and developed.
  • Search engines are released in real time.

Jo Kwon's family wishes more brilliance and success.

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