More Impress At Script Reading For 'Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant'

WHYNOT Media’s “Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant” (literal name) has provided pictures from the very first table read!

The drama that is new be concerning  the sweet and intense love between dating specialist Ga Doo Ri (played by Lee Joo Bin), who's distinguished on her behalf energizing dating advice, and her mystical next-door neighbor Cha Woo Bin (played by VIXX’s Hyuk).

On May 11, WHYNOT Media circulated pictures for the movie stars whom went to the script that is first including Lee Joo Bin, VIXX’s Hyuk, Jung Jin Hwan, Kim Sung Tae, Choi Ji Hee, and Jang Sol Mi.

Lee Joo Bin instantly dropped into her part as being  a girl that has closed the entranceway in  the love that is eventful of her twenties and restarts her life because the owner of the sushi restaurant. She left the feeling throughout  the script reading with her explosive acting prowess as she completely portrayed Ga Doo Ri’s cool and character that is easygoing.

Meanwhile, Hyuk unleashed the charm that is cynical of character Cha Woo Bin, whom does not value the views of other people and everyday lives life the way in which he desires  to. He portrayed the character’s gaze and facial expressions extremely vividly and revealed chemistry that is great Lee Joo Bin, sparking more anticipation for the drama’s launch.

Jung Jin Hwan will have fun with  the part of Cha Woo Bin’s assistant Mo Tae Kyung. He spiced things up during  the dining table together with  his sly and portrayal that is unique of drama’s scene stealer. One  other actors provide also dropped seamlessly to  their roles that are respective trading their lines.

“Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant” is planned to premiere on 2 june. daily update with the latest k-pop news


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