Gil Introduces Son To Public For The First Time + Opens Up About Their Experience Being A Dad

Former Leessang user Gil introduced their son Ha Eum to the general public for the time that is first started up in  what fatherhood has been like.

During the bout  of Channel A’s “True Dad Confession” that aired on May 17, Gil and his 20-month-old son Ha Eum made their  first appearance on TV together.

Gil said, that we were able to have a child together“ I got married and I’m grateful. It felt such as for instance  a dream,” and “When my kid comes to my room in the morning and calls out I often wonder if I’m not dreaming. for me,”

He went on to express, “When we’re eating together, I can tell we have actually similar food preferences and  it feels like there’s another me sitting next  to me personally. It’s amazing seeing exactly how he’s growing to be a lot more like me personally. It’s so fun being with my son and I’m happy.”

Gil also exposed about his life since he was sentenced for their third driving while intoxicated case in 2017. He said, “The past three to four years have been very different from how  I accustomed before live my life. We haven’t really been meeting up with people, simply spending time acquainted with Ha Eum.”

He said, “I am both a daddy and husband who feels so much guilt. We does my best until I can be an upstanding father.”

Gil had been mostly not in  the public attention since his dui instance in 2017. In January of this year, he made a surprise look on Channel A’s “Eye Contact” and revealed for the first time that he was already married and had  a child. daily update with the latest k-pop and korean news


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