Kim Dong Hee Talks About Their Role In “Extracurricular,” His Filmography that is successful More

Actor Kim Dong Hee recently sat down for the interview to talk about his netflix that is latest original series, “Extracurricular,” and his profession to date.

In “Extracurricular,” Kim Dong Hee plays the lead character Oh Ji Soo, a quiet model student who hides a secret that no you can know. The series is about  group  of senior school students who turn to  a life of crime in an effort to make money and obtain swept up in a few activities over which  they do not have control.

Kim Dong Hee stated, “I’m really grateful [for the praise]. There were times when  I surprised even myself. I thought, ‘This isn’t just like me,’ but neither could I effortlessly state that I portrayed Ji Soo well. We could only see the right components of me personally that were lacking. We feel that real way because I’m still in the process of learning. In place of thinking, ‘I did well,’ I think, ‘That’s a relief.'”

Despite his young age, Kim Dong Hee currently has a string of hits in his filmography, from his debut in the net drama “A-Teen,” to JTBC’s “SKY Castle,” to JTBC’s “Itaewon Class.” He said, “I’m really wondering [about my  that is secret too. I don’t know if I’ve been very lucky or if I have good intuition. I don’t take up  a project thinking  that it shall prosper. Something needs  to pull me personally toward the drama. We need certainly  to think, ‘This is something I wish  to challenge.’ We absolutely don’t think it’s it comes to scripts. because I have some kind of discerning eye when”

However, the actor has more often than not played student roles so far. Kim Dong Hee said, “I'd plenty of ideas about it myself. However  now I believe that it doesn’t make a difference if we wear school uniforms as long as I still can. In the past, We would be stressed I think like this because I always had to wear the school uniform, but now. I might like  to play all the characters possible within  the ‘student’ perspective. Ji Soo might wear an educational school uniform, but he’s very different from the characters I’d known before. If another character like this comes around again, We wouldn’t hesitate about putting on  a  school uniform again.” daily update with the latest kpop and korean news


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