Kim Ga Bin's sister states the reality show contestant and Big Bang's T.O.P are not dating

Kim Ga Bin's cousin states the reality show contestant and Big Bang's T.O.P are not dating.

'Love Catcher 2' contestant Kim Ga Bin and T.O.P were caught up in dating rumors on May 20, and YG Entertainment didn't confirm or deny the reports. The rumors began when pictures of the two allegedly in the same vacation location, so-called evidence of their matching pajamas, and a photo associated with the idol star with his arm around Kim Ga Bin made their way across social media.

a day later on may 21, kim ga bin's older sister talked up on instagram to simplify the rumors, stating, "i took the picture of her on a family vacation, and i got myself the venus pajamas on her whenever i ended up being buying my own too. It is a really popular pajama. Fans of T.O.P can also go directly to  the Venus store and purchase the same people to wear. Should we print a receipt of my charge  card? Do I need to search whom wore the pajamas that are same buying them?" The photos were shared by her below too.

She additionally responded to fans and netizens who direct messaged her, stating, "I'll tell  you which they are surely not dating. The photos had been simply taken at a gathering of actors and acquaintances."

This past February in other news, Kim Ga Bin signed on with SM C&C as an actress. daily update with the latest kpop and korean news


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