Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Opens Up About Why She Gets Emotional Whenever She Thinks Of Her Fans

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is glowing in her new pictorial and interview with first Look magazine.

In the interview that used the photo shoot, Taeyeon was asked exactly what she loves  to do in her daily life and she responded, “If I’m bored and We don’t have anything special to do, i prefer to visit makeup stores and have fun here. I go through  the products that are new have just been released, We try samples, and then I purchase some services and products to test at home. That’s one way  of anxiety relief for me personally.”

She proceeded to add, “When I undergo a drastic transformation, I wish  to have the ability to make  it my very own. When I’m working on a photo shoot, I especially benefit from  the procedure for getting to listen to a number  of opinions from individuals who  are experts in their respective industries, and working together to produce accomplishment. In that process, I’m able to pick up knowledge that is new understanding that I hadn’t known before. That’s one thing I discovered very meaningful about today’s photo shoot as well.”

Taeyeon was asked what the motivation is that drives her to drop a path of continued success and she replied, “When I think of my fans, we oddly get choked up with feelings. I feel an elaborate mix of feelings that I can’t actually put into words, like feeling grateful, sorry, and affectionate all at one time, and that gets me choked up and actually leaves me personally speechless whenever I see them. I have always been so grateful for the truth that our fans have unwaveringly cared us, and stayed by our part all this time. for us, loved”

Taeyeon’s full pictorial and meeting will be available in the upcoming edition of 1st Look. daily update with the latest k-pop and korean news


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