Classmate of April's Naeun says intimidation rumors are groundless

a classmate that is past of's Naeun has stated her bullying rumors is groundless.

On 22, netizen 'A' claimed Naeun had bullied her during their tutoring school days in elementary school, and DSP Media denied the allegations july. A classmate from Naeun's basic school  days has now spoken abreast of the hearsay, stating, "Lee Na Eun had been  a friend that is cheerful our very own university  days. The college physical violence hearsay are completely groundless."

The classmate continued, "It is absurd to state  that Lee Naeun was  a educational college bully. I recall her acquiring along with everybody else. I recall that teachers appreciated her because she possessed a face that is pretty a kinds heart."

Additionally, it is reported Naeun has a rather hassle amid the allegations. One news socket reported she ended up being profoundly damage of  the rumors and hasn't ceased crying since  they made statements.

In connected news, DSP Media confirmed Naeun would be April that is joining for 'Hello Summer' reappearance.

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