Lee Hi responds to some netizen which mentioned "Lee Hi may be the victim that is biggest of YG"

Lee Hi made an appearance on 1theK's YouTube series '  Look me personally Up' to check upwards her name that is own on internet and find out what folks mentioned about her.

Lee Hi appeared in  the bout  of '  Look Me Up' that has been uploaded on July 23rd and loved her period of checking out responses netizens leftover about their. She began by reading her profile written  by netizens posted on the net. She said "Now you can modify these records as AOMG label. when we noticed that the information about their service was left as blank,"

Next Lee Hi came across details modified by way of  a netizen on 'Namu Wiki (Korean Wikipedia)' that stated "The biggest victim of YG Entertainment's policy. Lee Hi may be  the finest exemplory instance of just how irresponsible YG is always  to solo musicians and artists."

In reaction to the Lee Hi mentioned " the reason Why?" by way of  a perplexed expression that is facial. She carried on to state, "we obtained much assistance for my personal promotion adequate for my situation to think 'Can they spend this much into a recently debuting singer and promote this much?'"

Next Lee Hi stated "I really don't contemplate my self as being a prey. If only individuals don't feel detrimental to me personally. Somebody started asking me 'When are you presently coming out with another record?' by way of  a very look that is sympathetic their own attention. I'm not sure exactly why they appear at me personally such as that? (laughs) I'm thus delighted."

Lee Hi also read another given details authored  by a netizen which mentions "You may  not understand they nevertheless it had been 8 years since Lee Hi debuted." She proceeded to react, "I really don't believe very? No, It really is  not (laughs) It hasn't been that long since I debuted! I am not sure  why individuals would compose this specific suggestions. Helps make me sound like an old musician!"

Meanwhile, Lee Hi finalized an agreement with AOMG making a return after 12 months and 8 weeks along with  her song that is new".


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