Lee Hi shows which artist she wants to utilize at her label that is new AOMG

Lee Hi announced which artist she would like  to make use of at her brand new label AOMG.

The performer highlighted just like a invitees around  the July 28th episode  of 'Park So Hyun's Love Game', where she provided, "I said times that are multiple I do want  to collaborate with LOCO from  the label. We liked LOCO's records and songs. I happened to be carrying out  a broadcast that is live social media and performed a medley of AOMG artist songs. I sang one  of LOCO's tracks, and it suit me really." In terms of any possible collaborations with  her YG that is former Entertainment, Lee Hi mentioned, "we are in different organizations immediately, and Soohyun was focusing on her very own songs in addition to AKMU music. Whenever  possible, I want to form a HI duo that is SUHYUN in twenties."

In terms of any  changes  in styles, Lee Hi indicated, " Loads  of people are fascinated. I signed up with the tag because I desired to create my very own audio. I'm going to keep music that is making I am good at generating." 

She additionally uncovered she worked with The Barberettes' Ahn Shin Ae yet again for her most recent track "HOLO", saying, "I enjoyed functioning along with her for 'Hold My Hand', so I contacted her first. I was sent by her the tune while she was  at residence caused by COVID-19. This tune stuck inside my head one particular, thus it was picked by me immediately."

Lee Hi furthermore provided the most difficult scenes to film on her behalf "HOLO" MV happened to be the scenes concerning h2o


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