NCT's Yuta unfollows A youtuber that is anti-korean who enjoyable from the fatalities of Sulli and Jonghyun after rage from fans and netizens identical

Lately, NCT associate Yuta has become under fire for carrying out  a questionable YouTuber that is considered to be anti-Korean. This YouTuber in addition has gained much dislike and continues to be involved in various controversies while  he has additionally produced enjoyable associated with the death of Korean famous people for instance  the loss  of Jonghyun and Sulli.

Most lovers have taken it to Twitter to express their own outrage because they ask Yuta precisely why he has got picked to follow this type of troublesome YouTuber. Yuta also produced most enthusiasts frown when  he expressed that he thinks this YouTuber is actually "very amusing" and they have grown to be most close to each other.

it's perhaps not my destination  to talk on some of those problems but GOD DAMN the jonghyun Sulli and general misogynistic video... the dude are gross and yuta he’s that is saying a buddy and he’s entertaining causes  my tummy churn it is to show U DONT KNOW THESE IDOLS MAN

Since then, Yuta have unfollowed this questionable YouTuber's Instagram but NCT nor SM Entertainment made any formal comments relevant for this topic.

Netizens still await an announcement through  the artist outlining this incident.

Netizens' commented:

"I'm truly amazed. Yuta's one of my preferred in 127... he should speak up about any of it."

"I'm hoping he doesn't think  that unfollowing without having a report is great enough lol"

" What  a mess... I'm hoping factors see addressed soon even though there isn't actually much to pay off  up since we all know exactly how lame of any person  that guy is."

"he mentioned he's near  to your and then  he's such as for instance  a buddy to him.. yikes, there is ways he  can also downplay this today. I did not realize about this YouTuber however  the contents I'm watching rn is really gross.

considering Yuta's previous behaviors that are open-minded I didn't anticipate this away from your. I am hoping that is correctly addressed by sm and Yuta. We'm disgusted."


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