Netizen exactly who accused April's Naeun of bullying retracts claims

The netizen whom accused April's Naeun of bullying has actually retracted their unique boasts. 

On July 24, the netizen in question posted a handwritten apology for  an online society, creating, "Everything about April Naeun's primary class bullying is actually a lay, and possesses nothing in connection  with her. We really apologize to lovers together with April's Naeun for creating damage that is such producing these hearsay."

As earlier reported, DSP Media refused gossip Naeun had been the perpetrator of bullying during her basic school  days, and another classmate of hers claimed the bullying hearsay had been groundless. The label also confirmed Naeun would nevertheless be April that is joining for return. Meanwhile, the bullying that is alleged stated DSP Media had actually threatened all of them  with appropriate action. Exactly what  do you believe of Naeun's intimidation hearsay?


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