Netizens are concerned after witnessing scars throughout the wrist of former AOA member Mina

The former person in AOA, Mina has become updating her fans constantly though her Instagram levels ensuring  them she ended up being carrying out okay following  the bullying controversy that is recent.

Recently, she has published a series of pictures which were drawn in a photoshoot style on her Instagram making use of the caption "...". Within  the pictures, she looked much better and seemed to be undertaking better. But, followers and netizens happened to be worried after  they noticed one picture. Within  the pic, Mina try holding her lip area collectively as she exposes the scratch on the wrist. 

Most enthusiasts had been stressed and hoping she was actually undertaking ok as  they were reminded on the psychological upheaval Mina needed  to understanding. Mina have previously revealed another member that is former Jimin's intimidation, and uncovered to fans about their injury and self-harm.

This incident finished with Jimin visiting apologize to Mina but Mina did not feel  the sincerity from the apology. Since that time, Mina happens to be maintaining in contact  with her lovers and updating  them on her behalf situation.

Utilizing the photo that is recent fans and netizens comprise furthermore comforted to determine Mina present professionally and appearance happier. 

Numerous lovers continuous to comfort Mina on her behalf Instagram profile stating "We like you", "Hey Mina! Many of us are happier you might be much better! We love you usually and then we will never ever give  you and betray you!!", "I'm happy with you", "You’re carrying out remarkable." , "Thank you so much for being comfortable discussing your scratch, we'll like you no real matter  what" and "keep on cheerful, love your."

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