Netizens say they become embarrassed after witnessing this vehicle with specific requires for Song Min Ho place in front side of this YG structure

Not too long ago, a netizen uploaded during  an community that is online photographs of any protest truck left not in  the YG Entertainment building.

The post claimed that this truck had been delivered for Song Min Ho,  member of WINNER. The glide regarding  the vehicle were showing very requests that are specific the musicians. The enthusiasts which sent the vehicle requested for male back dancers and additionally well-known choreographers and required Song Min Ho to really have  a "all challenging party." They also asked for a solo publicity that will "showcase the artist off's party techniques."

After witnessing this protest vehicle numerous netizens comprise embarrassed that similar  things comprise wanted by way of a protest truck and that some followers are going overboard. 

Netizens commented:

" The female dancers can be baffled."

"this can be humiliating..."

"I'm thus ashamed for the artist...I am able to picture just how embarrassed the singer occurs  when he views it. He's a rap artist and they're asking for a hard party choreography?"

"Why are they requesting these kinds of points. This is just claiming 'Would  what i really want you to' type of experience."

"after all I realize a fan want tougher dancing techniques but it is the first-time I've seen an admirer query in that means."


"Yikes, i am very embarrassed."
"I think Song Min Ho could be embarrassed as  he sees that. LOL."


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