Reporter says AOA's Seolhyun isn't star in 'Thai tobacco cigarette disturbance' rumors

Reporter Kim Yong Ho has stated AOA's Seolhyun isn't  the star in  the 'Thai smoke disruption' hearsay.

As earlier reported, Seolhyun ended up being embroiled in hearsay about an alleged attitude that is bad unprofessional conduct, and cigarette smoking on  a non-smoking resort room that caused the fire alarm to visit off. But, reporter Kim Yong Ho states the idol super star isn't  the celebrity at issue.

The reporter claimed, " To be accurate, it is  not Seolhyun at  all. During the  time, 'Brave Reporters' said the celebrity had actually a simple design, but Seolhyun actually that type  of style and she actually is perhaps not able to [have a poor mindset like in  the rumors.] We knew Seolhyun before her first, but she actually is really timid. She was actually therefore fearful she could not also hit the option in order to get the bus off."

He continuous, "Seolhyun includes a complete large amount  of anti-fans. Considering that  the hearsay of the romantic relationship with Zico broke call at the last, her picture features dropped a whole lot. Seolhyun is actually great to overuse their energy. We merely noticed their whining all of  the right opportunity whenever she became  a trainee. She's the nature to put on pounds rapidly, so she ended up being usually scolded from  the agency and always cried. Lovers think that Seolhyun could neglect their electricity inside her place, but that's false after  all."

In terms of just who the celeb within  the hearsay really is, Kim Yong Ho claimed, "It's an overall top superstar."


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